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South Indian films

 New  south Indian Hindi Dubbed Films

South indian film

As we all know that the movies of South indian is collective consist of five different film industry that is Tamil, Telgu, Malayalam, Kannada and Tulu films. South indian movies are one of the best films when comparing with other film industry. Other industries are used to copy the south Indian films and they inhance something and add f more money and make it hit. So this shows the greatness of South indian movies.

Directed by : Velraj

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Action, Drama

Run-time : 2h 2m 

Released year : 2015

The Hindi name of the movie is PAP KI KAMAI. The IMD rating gives 6 out of 10 that is a good enough rating. The story of the film is about a boy who fall in love with a Anglo-indian girl but he has to marriage with another girl due to some reasons. So, movie is based on how they managed all these with lots of struggles and difficulties. Film is full of Actions and a little bit of romance in the middle.

For watch this movie - Click here

Directed by : Radha mohan

Genre : Drama, Comedy

Run-time : 2h 50m

Released year : 2017

The hindi Hindi name of the movie is SAM TURTLE, it is a tamil movie. Th IMD rating gives 6.9 out of 10 that is enough good movie. A man who is physically challenged and he adore a so dearly then he accidentally meet him one day. This is all about the story of the movie. Movie is so entertaining and dramatic that you love it so much. 


Directed by : N. sreedar 

Genre : Drama, Romance 

Run-time : 1h 58m

Released year : 2019 

It is also a Tamil movie that was released in 2019. The actor shankar is in the main role of the film. The IMD rating gives 3.9 out of 10 this is below average because the movie actor is a comedian but it's all about drama and actions film and it is not a match with actor and the storyline but overall it a good movie for a movie addicted person.

For watch this movie - Click here

Directed by : Parva M.R.K

Genre : Drama, Action 

Run-time : 1h 43m

Released year : 2016 

This is a kannada film. Their is no big star caste in the movie but the storyline is so powerful. In the film a girl tricked a boy and how he overcame these all this is all about the movie Mandya star. Movie is full of action and fight. It is good for action lover audience.

For watch this movie - Click here 

Directed by : Karthik Subbaraj

Genre : Action, Drama

Run-time : 2h 52m

Released year : 2019

The great Rajnikant is the actor of the film and this movie is released in hindi, tamil, telgu and some other language also. The IMD rating gives 7.8 out of 10 so can find out the level of movie and 87% like this movie. The story of the movie starts with boy named kali who joined college as a hostel warden and he is not a simple man he is in secrete mission. The movie is full of fight scene. 

For watch this movie - Click below 

Directed by : Rahul Paramahamsa

Genre : Thriller, Romance

Run-time : 2h 21m

Released year : 2016

The Hindi name of the movie is RETURN OF KALO . The IMD rating of the movie is 3.5 that is not so bad and 60% people like this film. This is little bit horror and full of thriller. This film is a typical bollywood horror movie that people goes in a house and he scared and never came back. This is the main theme of the movie and rest from the movie.

For watch this movie - Click here 

Directed by : Thirupathi

Genre : Action, Thriller Mystery

Run-time : 2h 13m

Released year : 2016

This is a tamil fully action movie and its IMD rating is 4.1 out of 10 that is below average and I am sorry to say that the selection of cast is not good but the storyline is preety good. The story of the movie based on revenge, full of fighting scene and 60% people like this film. If you are a action lover audience then it is a perfect movie for you.

To watch this movie - Click here

Directed by : M. Padmakumar

Genre : Drama, Crime

Run-time : 2h 38m

Released year : 2015

It is Malayalam movie with a powerful storyline and if you are a mohanlal fan then it is a perfect movie for you. IMD rating is 4.7 out of 10. It is a road thriller movie and based on revenge, it also show the basic nature of cruelty. The story of the film starts in train journey and rest story from the movie. If you are a mohanlal fan then most watch this movie.

 To watch this movie - Click here

Directed by : Puri Jagannath

Genre : Crime, Thriller

Run-time : 2h 12m

Released year : 2016

IMD rating of the movie is 5.8 out of 10 and 88% people like this movie. The acting of the main actor is brilliant and storyline is also so powerful. The main story of movie based in gangster who fall in love with a journalist. Movie is full of Actions with lots of effect. 

To watch this movie - Click here 

Directed by : A.L. Vijay

Genre : Action, Thriller

Run-time : 2h 21m

Released year : 2012

The IMD rating of the movie is 6.2 out of 10 and the 91% people like this movie. The movie is full of thriller action with a super acting of the main cast. The story of the film based on the revenge from the serial bomb blast in london that killed their loved once. This movie is a evergreen movie of South industry .

To watch this movie - Click here

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