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Romantic Movies Hollywood

Best 10 Romantic movies of Hollywood

Romantic movies in Hollywood
Romantic movies
Romantic movies are those that touches your heart with a love story of a commendable relationship with some romantic scenes that attract people toward the movie and a affectionate romantic involvement of the main character and the journey that their love takes them through dating, courtship and marriage.

Directed by : Nick Cassavetes

Released year : 2004

Run-time : 2h 4m

The story of the movie is like typical bollywood movies. A boy fall in love with a rich girl and the girl also gets in his love. Like all romantic bollywood movie, they are separated by some reason and after all that they meet again as like a typical bollywood. Movie is full of romantic scenes with a little drama in the middle and rest from the movie.

Directed by : James Cameron

Released year : 1997

Run-time : 3h 30m

The movie based on real incidence of 1912 when the big Titanic ship was sunk. The story of the movie started with a boy named Jack darson who goes to the Titanic ship and fall in love with a girl name Roz. The girl belongs to a royal family. The movie is all about their beautiful love story and how the titanic ship sunk. Movie have lots of romantic scenes with a spicy thriller in the middle of sea.

Directed by : Michel gondry

Released year : 2004

Run-time : 1h 48m

The story of the movie starts with a man named joul bairish whose memory is erased from his girl friend's mind in a experiment. Then the men was very sad and hopeless then he also want the erase all the memory of about his girlfriend but is he forget all that? I can't explain more about that if you want to know more you have to the movie. Movie has not lots of romantic scenes but its story is so powerful. Se

Directed by : James Marsh 

Released year : 2014

Run-time : 2h 4m

The story of the movie is based on a great physicist Stephen Hawking and he was born on 8 January 1942. This movie is this category because the Stephen hawking fall in love in his college life and how they get married with his lover and how they support each. The character of Stephen is played by Eddie Redmayne and he also awarded with Oscar for his wonderful acting in this film.

Directed by : Edward Zwick

Released year : 2010

Run-time : 1h 52m

Jake Gyllenhaal is the actor of the movie and he plays a role of salesman and one day he meet with a girl and fall in love with her and slowly they became close to each other and have sexual relationship. This movie is full of romantic scenes with some funny moments and comedy. So this movie is full Entertainment and rest from the movie 'love and other drugs'.

Directed by : Damien Chazelle

Released year : 2016

Run-time : 2h 8m

This movie is a master piece for the classy movie fans. The actress of the movie is Emma Stone and she won Oscar for best actress and the actor Ryan Gosling also nominated for best actor. The story of the movie starts with a girl Mia and she try to be a actress from last 6 years, and a boy was the musician both have same aim. They meet and fall in love. What will be the next ?

Directed by : Will Gluck

Released year : 2011

Run-time : 1h 49m

In the beginning of the movie the actor and actress leave their partners and both the actor and actress meet in Newyork city and they decided that they continue their relationship as friends with sexual benefits but their relationship not stricted only in sex but it is more interesting and entertaining with some bold scenes in the movie.

Directed by : Glenn Ficarra, John Requa

Released year : 2011

Run-time : 2h 20m

The story of the movie based on a husband wife they both spend their 20 year married life but after 20 year the female partner want to divorce the male, after divorce the girl fall in love with the his hasband's co worker then the boy also started affair with another so her wife realise their mistakes. Story is so powerful and at last of the movie some romantic scenes happens.

Directed by : Ken Kwapis

Released year : 2009

Run-time : 2h 9m

The story of the movie based on 5 girls how their life's are interconnected this is the main theme of the movie. Initially movie is little bit slow but when you know more about character, you fell entertaining. Movie is full of drama with some romantic scenes. Romance is less than drama but story is so entertaining that people definitely like it.

Directed by : Ivan Reitman

Released year :  2011

Run-time : 1h 50m

The story of the starts with Adam and Amma and they meet in school summer camp. After 15 year Adam became a writer and Amma became a doctor . They meet again after 15 year at Amma house and make sexual relationship and both continue it without any love and dating but after some they feel for each other. What happen ater all that ? This will be known only from the movie.

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