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Sushant Singh Rajput

Salman khan, Karan johar, Sonam Kapoor and Alia Bhatt movies will not Entertain people in Bihar.  Untimely death of Sushant Singh Rajput puts many things forward but the NEPOTISM is the most sensational of all of them. 
Nepotism : The celebrities, powerful or famous person use their post to give unfair advantage to their family member and love once, especially in giving job.

Sushant was facing many problems in Bollywood As we all know that Sushant was a very talented and a very strong mentality actor, he also did so many blockbuster movies like MS DHONI, CHHICHHORE, KEDARNATH and many more but he was always put down by the other film productions houses and some people and no one appreciate him for their work. Yash Raj production house banned him because Mr. Karan Johar only promotes star kids so call nepotism. Sushant was in depression from last 6month before he suicide and these are reasons that's forced him to take such a hilarious step.
Salman khan, Alia Bhatt and Karan Johar&#…

South Indian films

New  south Indian Hindi Dubbed Films
As we all know that the movies of South indian is collective consist of five different film industry that is Tamil, Telgu, Malayalam, Kannada and Tulu films. South indian movies are one of the best films when comparing with other film industry. Other industries are used to copy the south Indian films and they inhance something and add f more money and make it hit. So this shows the greatness of South indian movies.
THANGA MAGAN Directed by : Velraj
Genre : Romance, Comedy, Action, Drama
Run-time : 2h 2m 
Released year : 2015
The Hindi name of the movie is PAP KI KAMAI. The IMD rating gives 6 out of 10 that is a good enough rating. The story of the film is about a boy who fall in love with a Anglo-indian girl but he has to marriage with another girl due to some reasons. So, movie is based on how they managed all these with lots of struggles and difficulties. Film is full of Actions and a little bit of romance in the middle.
For watch this movie - Cl…

Romantic Movies Hollywood

Best 10 Romantic movies of Hollywood
Romantic movies are those that touches your heart with a love story of a commendable relationship with some romantic scenes that attract people toward the movie and a affectionate romantic involvement of the main character and the journey that their love takes them through dating, courtship and marriage.
NOTEBOOK Directed by : Nick Cassavetes
Released year : 2004
Run-time : 2h 4m
The story of the movie is like typical bollywood movies. A boy fall in love with a rich girl and the girl also gets in his love. Like all romantic bollywood movie, they are separated by some reason and after all that they meet again as like a typical bollywood. Movie is full of romantic scenes with a little drama in the middle and rest from the movie.
TITANIC Directed by : James Cameron
Released year : 1997
Run-time : 3h 30m
The movie based on real incidence of 1912 when the big Titanic ship was sunk. The story of the movie started with a boy named Jack darson who goes to the Titanic…

New Comedy movies

Best 10 comedy movies in 2019-The funniest film
As we all know that a good laughter relieves from tension and stress, but it is also as difficult to star caste to play a role with a brilliant sense of humour and makes people laught, it is the best genre of a movie making.
10 best comedy movies of 2019 in bollywood :
Directed by : Indra kumar
Run-time : 2h 20m

The story of the movie based on the money. A man tells where the money is hidden before he dies after that all characters of the movie starts compiting in search of money in funny way. The big star caste of the movie makes it very entertaining and funniest movie. 
Directed by : Raj Mehta 
Run-time : 2h 12m

Two couples with same surnames and they both have a same problem in their life that is child. Trouble ensure when they find that the sperm of the both couple mixed up. The X factor of the movie is Akshay Kumar and Diljit acting in very funny way. The movie ends with a emotional sequence otherwise full of comedy a…

10 best movies of all time

What are the quality of good movies???
A movie having good characters because character are the most important part of story telling, message should be clear, details of the movie and the most important quantity is a good ending. These are the quality that makes a movie special. 
What are considered as the 10 best movies of all time 
Directed by : James Cameron
Genre : Action, Science fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Run-time : 2h 42m
Released year : 2009(Hollywood)

This is a movie whose imagination will thrill you, the story of the movie from 2154. A light years away from Earth is a planet named pendora and scientists are searching for the life of people on the same planet and on that planet a man is standing in front of all this. The visual effects makes the movie special.
Directed by : Ashutosh Gowariker 
Genre : Comedy, Romance, Melodrama, Drama
Run-time : 3h 45m
Released year : 2001 (Bollywood)

The story of the movie is of a dry village of Victoria's British rul…

Reaction of celebrities on Pregnent Elephant death in Kerala

Akshaye kumar, Randeep Hooda to Anushka Sharma: Bollywood celebrities demand to take a strict action against the culprits who fed pineapple filled with crackers.

Worst level of humanity       In Kerala, recently a  pregnent elephant wondered in a village in search of food. The locals of that village stuffed crackers in pineapple and fed her. The cracker exploded in her mouth then she was die from pain standing in the river. This is the worse level of humanity.
You will be happy to know that all of the stars of our country is coming forward and demanding justice for the pregnent elephant.
Actor Akshay Kumar, Anushka Sharma, Shradda kapoor, Randeep Hooda are all took to twitter to speak against the heinous act by locals of the village.

Anushka Sharma post  Anushka Sharma shared a instagram post and tag the chief minister of Kerala for justice. She shared a sketch of elephant and her unborn baby conversation that touches your heart. And she also mentioned all the details about the elephant tha…

Best Movies on Amazon prime

What is amazon prime?

As we all know that this is a generation of online streaming and paid subscription. So amazon prime is a paid subscription offered by Amazon where we can stream unlimited movies, web series and many more.
   Here, we can reveal some Amazon prime best movies that you must watched if you are a movies lover. 
Directed by : Navdeep Singh
Genre : Action, Drama, Epic. Run-time : 2h 35m 
Released year : 2019

Basically, this movie is on a person named Lal Kaptan who will make you think that 'Do we have to suffer for his work  in the next birth of the last born'. And rest from the movie.
Directed by : David F. Sandberg
Genre : Horror and thriller
Run-time : 1h 21m
Released year : 2016

This movie is based on a strange girl named Rabika. The girl was suspected of having a ghost attached to her mother in her childhood. And when the whole truth comes out that the ghost came from where was it, then your throat will dry with fear.

100+ Best Instagram captions

100+ Best Instagram captions and selfie Quotes for your photos.

1. A Sass a day keeps the basics away. 2. Life is beautiful when you are launching. 3. Get out there and live a little. 4. Stress less and enjoy the best. 5. I am not perfect, I am original. 6. Just me. 7. I'm not high maintenance, you are just low effort. 8. Take less stress and enjoy the best. 9. Look for the magic in every moment of your life . 10. Even the stars were jealous of the sparkle in her eyes.
What is an instagram caption?
An instagram caption is a feeling of a person that he/she want to explain or describe about the instagram photos to provide more context. Instagram captions can use emoji, hashtags and many more.
Instagram captions for couples

1. My one and only.  2. My love . 3. My soul, my love ,my lifeline. 4. Alone we are strong. 5. I'm in love with every moment I spent with you. 6. You make me happy in a way no one else can. 7. You and me. Forever. 8. Distance between us could never stop me from …