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As we all know that, netflix is a streming service that allow their member to watch best hollywood movies and award winning movies.
A lot of movies are released on Netflix, but here we will list out the best movies of netflix that you will never feel bored. 
             10 best-movies on Netflix of all time:  1. THE PLATFORM Directed by : Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia
Genres : Horror, science fiction,Drama, Thriller
Run-time : 1h 34m
This movie is fully based on science fiction and horror scene, In this film, a man is kept in a place where he cannot meet anyone, cannot talk and does not even get food. So, how he servive? IMDb rating is 6.1/10 and about 78% google user like this best movies of netflix. 2. CLOSE Directed by : Vikey Jewson 
 Genres : Action, Thriller
 Run-time : 1h 34m 
The film is about a female bodyguard and a terrorism exoert who does not even care for his life because he is so honest with his duties. This movie is full of Action. IMDb rating is 5.7/10 that is preety good and a…


Top 9 suspense and Thriller Movies in hindi I think Suspense movie is the best side of movie making that make people full entertained from beginning to last. The best part of suspense movies is that ' what will be the next '. This type of movies build up suspense, tension, and anxiety as a primary element and in which the audience is kept on tenterhooks.
Here, the list of top 7 suspense movies in bollywood of all time -
 1. UGLY
Directed by : Anurag kashyap
Run-time : 2h 10m 
It is most suspense and thriller movie. The movie is based on the kidnapping of a 10 years girl kali. The way story is narrated keeps you engaged with the screen. IMDb rating is 8/10 and about 76% google user like this movie.
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Directed by : Sujoy Ghosh
Run-time : 2h 8m
This is the best movie of Vidhya balan carrier. This is the  story of Vidhya bhacki, a pregnent women. She comes from London to Kolkata in search of her missing hasband. When all clue leads to dead line then, wha…

11 best bollywood movies of 2019

Best bollywood movies of 2019 As we all know that bollywood is the largest film producer in the world. Bollywood produced about 300-350 films per year. So here we are expose some best bollywood movies of 2019, that may not be hit films but story and theme of the movie is so powerful.For more bollywood movies you can click below . Bollywood movies beyond imagination
1. THE TASHKENT FILES Directed by : Vivek Agnihotri
Released date : 12 April 2019
The content of the film is so good that it earned three times as much as the film's Budget. The content of the film is ever unique which will make you look, the story is based on India's 2nd prime minister lal bahadur shastri and his death mystry. This movies arises lots of questions in public minds so you must watch . 

2. SONCHIRIYADirected by : Abhishek Chaubey 
Released date : 1 March 2019
Everything from the star cast of the film to the story is so powerful that people appreciate it. The film theme was based on chambal dacoit. In this mov…